Astronomy and Music

Musical Themes for class introduction, used at the beginning of each class during "Introduction to Astronomy"

Eberhard Möbius


Title of piece



Introductory lecture Sunrise

Higher & Higher
Also sprach Zarathustra

To our Children's Children Children
Richard Strauss

Moody Blues
Measurement, scientific method Eyes of a Child To our Children's Children Children Moody Blues
Stars in the sky Nights of White Satin

Paint the Sky with Stars
Days of Future Passed

Paint the Sky with Stars
Moody Blues

Seasons etc. The Seasons Brahms Meditation- Classical Vol.7 Tschaikovsky
Moon, phases etc. Full Moon From the full moon story Kitaro
Planet motion Mercury The Planets Holst
Copernicus, Tycho, etc. Venus The Planets Holst
Kepler's Laws Mars The Planets Holst
Newton's Laws Of Science Also sprach Zarathustra Richard Strauss
Gravitation Heavenly Illusion From the Full Moon Story Kitaro
Uses of Gravitation: Neptune The Planets Holst
Tides Full Moon From the Full Moon Story Kitaro
Light, telescopes New Lights From the Full Moon Story Kitaro
Light, colors World of Rainbows Canyon Trilogy Carlos Nakai
Space Astronomy New Horizons The Seventh Sojourn Moody Blues
Magnetosphere Aurora From the Full Moon Story Kitaro
Planetary magnetic fields Jupiter The Planets Holst
Atmospheres, greenhouse Venus The Planets Holst
Water, life on other worlds Remember when there was water Carry the Gift Carlos Nakai & William Eaton
Comets Another satellite Skylarking XTC
Star magnitudes, etc. Star Chant Earth Spirit Carlos Nakai
Black body radiation Black is Black Los Bravos
HR Diagram, Mass-Luminosity relation Why is the Sun still shining? To our Children's Children Children Moody Blues
Energy source of the Sun (stars) Candle of Life

Why Does the Sun Shnie? - Sun is a Giant Ball of Incandescent Gas
To our Children's Children's Children

Severe Tire Damage

Moody Blues

They Might Be Giants

Solar atmosphere, activity Magic fields

Solar Songs
(Download MP3: Harp; Orchestra; Combined)
Meditation Sampler2

ACE SEPICA Observations

Marty Quinn
Solar wind, interstellar gas Wind Dance Desert Dance Carlos Nakai
Interstellar dust, star formation Sun set

Sun set

Days of Future Passed


Moody Blues


Aging of stars Star Chant Earth Spirit Carlos Nakai
White Dwarfs, Novae Sirius Beyond Dreaming Robert Haig Coxon
Supernova any of CD Implosions Stephan Mikus
Special Relativity Thinking is the Best Way to Travel Moody Blues
Effects of General Relativity Eclipse Faces of the Harp (Narada Collection) Andi Williams
Black Holes Cleft in the sky Canyon Trilogy Carlos Nakai
Milky Way Galaxy Mist India Kitaro
Galaxies Spiral Passage Canyon Trilogy Carlos Nakai
Expansion of the universe Explosions Polka Ein Straussfest Johann Strauss
Quasars, active galaxies Thunder & Lightning Polka Ein Straussfest Johann Strauss
Cosmology I Future/Past Cycles Carlos Nakai
Cosmology II, Early Universe Origins Creation Chant Cycles Canyon Trilogy Carlos Nakai Carlos Nakai

Dr. Möbius was recently asked to contribute an article based on this technique to The Physics Teacher. It was published in Volume 37, March 1999, in the AstroNotes section. Reprints are available -- send an email to Dr. Möbius!