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Startrek Communicator
- CPS Remote Pad


You need a CPS Remote Pad for almost every class to interact, get feedback and to earn related credit.

• Purchase a CPS Remote Pad at one of the bookstores in Durham (UNH Bookstore or Durham Book Exchange)
  You will get a Remote and an Enrollment Package.

• The Remote is good as long you take classes that require this interaction. The Enrollment is good for one semester, but can be used for several classes. You can resell the Remote when not needed anymore.

• Sign up for this class on CPS Website:

-      Click on the <students> tab

-      Select <University of New Hampshire> and go to <Choose Course>

-      Enter the unique Class Key
for Physics 407:
-------- (specific for your class)

-      Enter your Enrollment Code
It is in your enrollment package

-      Enter the Serial Number of your Remote Pad
It is written in black ink on the back of your remote
(Look carefully. It may be hard to see.)

-      Press <Join the Class>

-      Enter your information as requested
Username: cisunix name; Password: <you choose>