Materials for review will be posted here as soon as they become available.

For Exam# 1:

It is extremely important how you "review" your stuff:

Try out your grasp of the chapters on the Practice Exams.

Also try out again the Concept Quizzes from the Recitations. You should be able to answer the questions presented on them, because they are very similar to the short questions on Exams.

If you feel, you need more help on Problem Solving, here is a new class for you: Phys 400.2

The Basic Units and the Derived Units together with their interrelationships are compiled in

A Review of commonly used Derivatives and of commonly used Anti-Derivatives (Integrals) for this first part can be downloaded as a PDF File.

You find the Lecture Notes as PDF Files.

It is also a good idea to review and redo the in-class Activities, which are available as PDF Files.

The Homework Solutions can be found on the Homework page along with general hints on solving problems.

If you need extra help, come forward and take action!

All your Physics 407 Instructors, Course Instructor, Recitation Instructors, Lab Instructor, and your TAs, are available for questions, advice and more. You find all contact information, including Office Hours on the Contact Page.

The Center for Academic Resources helps with general study problems.

If you perceive any weakness in the math involved with this course, the MaC Center in Christiansen Hall G33 (Phone 862-3576) can offer you help. You can find some useful Review Pages on algebraic and trig topics on the Math 425 website.

Free Physics Tutoring is available

To be announced at the beginning of the semester!