Turbulence Analysis of Jovian Upstream 'Wave' Phenomenon

C. W. Smith, M. L. Goldstein and W. H. Matthaeus

Journal of Geophysical Research, A88, 5581-5593 (1983)


As Voyager 2 approached Jupiter's bow shock, large-amplitude fluctuations were seen in both the magnetic field and plasma fluid velocity. These fluctuations generally coincided with the occurrence of long-lived energetic particle events similar to the upstream waves often observed near the earth's bow shock. In this paper an analysis of the magnetic field and plasma observations using spectral methods is presented. The characteristic spectral features related to the upstream waves are generally seen near 1 mHz. The measured correlation lengths of these fluctuations suggest that they are coherent over only a few wavelengths. The analysis is consistent with the hypothesis that these fluctuations are driven by streaming ions, possibly protons. No evidence for the existence of whistler waves is found. It is argued that some of the observed spectral features suggest that dynamical turbulent processes are occurring in the uptream wave region, including a possible observation of an inverse cascade of magnetic helicity to large spatial scales.

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