Coupled Hydrodynamic Wave Excitation and Ion Acceleration Upstream of the Jovian Bow Shock

C. W. Smith and M. A. Lee

Journal of Geophysical Research, A91, 81-90 (1986)


We extend the Lee (1982) self-consistent theory of upstream wave excitation and particle energization to address observations by Voyager 2 of sunward propagating MHD waves and diffuse suprathermal particle populations upstream of the Jovian bow shock. Two new ideas are incorporated into the theory. First, the interplanetary seed wave population is taken to be an equal admixture of waves propagating both toward and away from the shock parallel to the interplanetary magnetic field. Second, finite connection times are incorporated approximately into the theory in an effort to understand whether the particle spectra at high energy are limited by particle escape or finite connection time. It is found that finite connection times dominate the particle distribution at energies above 40 keV. In this manner the suprathermal proton distributions can be accounted for by a multiple reflection, shock acceleration theory. We find that the theory can also account for the low-frequency waves observed upstream of the shock in conjunction with the suprathermal ions.

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