The students of this Cosmology seminar, for the three semesters that it has been held at the University of New Hampshire, have led the classes in discussions of topics of interest, and have contributed summaries of each session. Many of those summaries were used, sometimes verbatim, in writing this document. Thanks to all of you who wrote and participated in this effort.

Summaries used in this project were written by: Abigail Barnhart, David Bell, Don Brautigam, Scott Brennison, Marion Brink, Stephanie Burns, Andrew Case, Jeff Chandler, Aaron Clegg, Kelly Cornish, Robert Crooks, Trevor van Deusen, Jan Distelbrink, Melanie Dodge, Billy Donoghue, Heath Dube, Paul Eichorn, Kathleen Hayes, David Heirtzler, Dan Hussey, Justin Ingold, Chris Karney, Amy Lovell-Klar, Steven Knight, Mark Knights, Sarah Lowe, Hannelore Möbius, Howard Murphy, Kelly O'Rourke, Mark Osgood, P.J. Reczek, Frank Sespico, Allison Smith, Sean Sullivan, Katrina Sylor, Robyn Vockrodt, and Adam Walsh. I apologize for any names which have not been mentioned, due to some mechanical oversight. The list of summaries was long, and some may have been unintentionally overlooked, but my thanks is just as heart-felt to all of you.

Foremost among the names to be mentioned are Eberhard Möbius and Paul Brockelman. Without their leadership and vision, this seminar would not have been available to us. We thank you for your inspiring questions, and for your willingness to listen.

Any mistakes and openly controversial opinions stated herein are, and will remain, my own fault. I can only hope that this document will be as interesting and thought-provoking to read as it was to write.

Katharine York

May, 2000