Logan Int'l Airport
Boston, MA

Comfort Inn At Yokens / Urban Forestry Center
Portsmouth, NH

Directions: Note that state routes (MA=Massachusetts, NH=New Hamphire) are circles or ovals, while US routes are white shields, and Interstate highways are blue and red shields

Simple directions:

Detailed Directions from Logan to Comfort Inn/Urban Forestry Center, Portsmouth NH (maps and route information from Mapquest)

1. Overview: Logan International Airport (Boston, MA) to Portsmouth, NH overview Logan to Portsmouth
2. Overview Logan Airport Logan Airport
3. Exit the airport via SERVICE Road (about 1 mile) exit Logan Airport
4. Turn LEFT onto PRESCOTT Street (about 0.1 miles) exit Logan Airport
5. Turn RIGHT onto FRANKFORT Street (about 0.2 miles) exit Logan Airport
6. Turn LEFT onto NEPTUNE Road (about 0 miles) exit Logan Airport
7. Turn RIGHT onto VIENNA Street (about 0.1 miles) exit Logan Airport
8. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BENNINGTON Street (about 0.1 miles) exit Logan Airport
9. Turn LEFT onto SWIFT Street (about 0.1 miles) exit Logan Airport
10. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto CHAUCER Street (about 0.1 miles) exit Logan Airport
11. Take the MA RT-1A NORTH ramp (about 0 miles) RT-1A
12. Merge onto MA RT-1A NORTH ramp (about 2.0 miles) RT-1A
13. Stay straight to go onto unnamed road (about 0.1 miles) RT-1A
14. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto ROUTE 60 WEST (0.7 miles) RT-60
15. Turn SLIGHT LEFT at the intersection of HUTCHINSON to stay on ROUTE 60 WEST RT-60
16. Continue around ROUTE 60 WEST roundabout (0 miles) RT-60
17. Go straight - stay on ROUTE 60 WEST (0.8 miles) RT-60
18. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto unnamed roundabout (0.2 miles) RT-60 to US-1
19. Take US 1 NORTH ramp towards NH-MAINE (0.1 miles) US-1
20. Continue on US 1 NORTH (8.2 miles) US-1
21. Take INTERSTATE 95 NORTH exit towards NH-MAINE (0.1 miles) US-1 to I-95
22. Merge and continue on I-95 NORTH (25.3 miles) I-95
23. I-95 toll booth ($1) at Hampton, NH US-1
25. Take EXIT 5, Portsmouth Traffic Circle. Take first turn off, onto US 1 Bypass. Comfort Inn on the right. Turn left at Elwyn Rd. Urban Forestry Center on left. US 1 bypass