This web page was created by Rachel Cohen and Rachael McDermott. We were participants of a summer program called Project SMART hosted by the UNH.It was a four week, over night summer program where we took math, science, and computer courses.We also had two person team projects that we worked over the weeks. There was always stuff to do during the day and the evenings were filled with games, movies and entertainment. It was a lot of fun and I recommend it for any high school juniors or seniors interested in science. Here is our project.

(Above) Rachael (left) and Rachel (right) working on this web page in Morse Hall University of new Hampshire.

R & R Satellite Info.

Hey, you've just tuned into R & R online. Today's story is on a satellite for NASA proposed by Dr. Kristina Lynch and colleagues. The proposed satellite will be sent into the ionosphere to measure the currents of our little friend... MURRAY . Murray is a charged particle. Take it away Murray!

Murray here. Ya see, this satellite will be equipped with three different apparatuses to measure me and the electric currents. Each of them in a different way. But we'll get to all of those details later. For now let me give you a tour of the satellite. Here we go. Uuuummmmm, we seem to be having some technical difficulties. It seems as though we are being sucked into the solar panels. Well, now we can really get the inside scoop.

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