What We Have Been Doing...

Before we began our project, we were given quick lessons on solar physics. Using that knowledge, we were handed a packet of the results of a decade of gamma-ray-emitting solar flare observations with which we spent two weeks entering the numbers into a spreadsheet. Although we had horrendous computer problems, the professors were very understanding, and did all they could to help us out.

With the spreadsheet finished, we plotted several data sets against each other on graphs in order to find meaningful correlations. We discussed the results with Dr. Alanna Connors, who was able to help us interpret our findings and be able to report them.

Our Conclusions...

Solar flares which emit gamma-rays do not emit the radiation isotropically, but rather, different types of radiation are emitted in all directions.

"Brighter" emissions of gamma-rays do not necessarily mean more radiation was released.

Flares can be long lasted but not necessarily emit more gamma-rays.