I have lived in Hudson, NH for the last four years. Despite health problems leading to many absences throughout the school years, I have remained an enthusiastic student, eager to learn everything I can. I enjoy all my subjects at school, and I am planning to (God-willing) enter a career as a space scientist. I have been interested in space science for as long as my memory has served me, so I jumped at the chance to spend over three weeks here at Project SMART researching with real research scientists and analyzing actual data. I am a dedicated Christian, and it was God who provided the money for me to be able to attend this summer institute when no money was in sight. For that I am very grateful.

The project that I have been working on with my teammate Jessica has been frustrating with countless computer problems and lack of some backround knowledge about computers and graphing calculators. However frustrating, though, it has been rewarding, and a good lesson in teamwork, data analysis, and computer use. I have enjoyed the lectures, individual teamwork, and the opportunity to meet with professors here at UNH. Making the program twice as enjoyable were the various field trips and informal discussions with the professors about their lives, our projects, and anything else that may have come up.

I am disappointed to have to leave, yet I will be glad to be home. I hope to to keep in touch with my new friends and understand more about solar gamma-ray emissions as time goes by. It is an exciting field of study, and I am very happy at this understand so much about it. Ý