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University of New Hampshire

UNH Students on the Experimental Space Plasma Group Team

Undergraduate Students:
  • Pieter Beckman
  • Matt Borsa
  • Michelle Conroy
  • Amanda Crocker (summer)
  • Casey Marcoux (office)
  • Erin Morse (summer)
  • Tom Neuburger
  • Craig Stewart
  • Jess Ward

Graduate Students:

  • Wenhui Li
  • Elizabeth MacDonald
  • Alex Morgan (summer)
  • Sadiyoshi Okumoto
  • Lukas Saul (summer)
  • Li Tang
  • Mingquan Zheng
  • Yihua Zheng
  • Shannon Blanchard (office) (BA)
  • Cristian Cocheci (PhD)
  • Gautam Dingra (BS)
  • Heath Dube (BS)
  • Adam Duclos (BS)
  • Dan Fedor (BS)
  • Todd Felege (BS)
  • Lynette Gelinas (PhD)
  • Tanja Goranovic (BS)
  • Kim Mayer (BS, MED)
  • Patrick Maloney (BS)
  • Brenden Monahan (BS)
  • Jameson Parker (BS)
  • Dana Pavel (MS)
  • David Pietrowski (PhD)
  • Glen Rice (BS)
  • Tom Shaw (BS)
  • Jon Villeneuve (BS)
  • Kemei Wang (PhD)

Alumni Still Working Here:

Coming soon: Information on student opportunities and samples of the work done by ESPG students.

University of New Hampshire Experimental Space Plasma Group
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