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Assignment Pickup at the Physics Office:

Each assignment is in a Separate Folder on the table next to the Physics 407 Homework Box.
Please don't make a mess of it, so that also your classmates can find their assignments!

Please pick them up!!!

All assignments will be discarded 2 weeks after they have been made available!!

Physics 407 is taught by Dr. Amitava Bhattarcharjee in Spring 2004

The class was taught by Dr. Eberhard Möbius in Fall 2003. This website was mainly compiled for that class. For specific information on the current class please go to Prof. Bhattacharjee's website. However, feel free to browse this website for other useful information related to Physics 407, such as Review material and Practice Exams.

Missing Labs will make you fail the Class!! You must have attended and finished all 10 Labs and the Concept Post Test by the end of the semester!!

If you miss a Lab on the way or have a scheduling conflict with one of the Labs, check up with your TA immediately about any Make-up. Make-up time slots at the end of the semsterare limited. No Make-ups after the last week of classes!!!

Lectures are interactive

As of last year this class has become more interactive. We use a remote response system in the classroom so that you can answer questions on the fly, we can see the results together, and can then steer the flow of the lecture accordingly.

You need to purchase a Remote Pad (our Star Trek Communicator) by eInstruction at the bookstore. Both the UNH Bookstore in the MUB and the Durham Book Exchange have them available.

If you still have problems, please go to the FAQ section. If this doesn't help, contact eInstruction Technical Support and/or come to my Office Hour.

Interested in some discussions about the universe that go beyond Physics?
Join the INCO 796 Seminar
"Cosmology and Our View of the World"
always in Spring (E. Moebius, T. Davis, W. deVries)

Starting again January 26, 2004