of Wilmington

Solar Wind Team

Led by:

Mr. Alvyn Nacman, Charter School

Dr. Charles W. Smith, Bartol Research Institute


This site describes ongoing efforts between the Bartol Research Institute of the University of Delaware and the Charter School of Wilmington to bring talented high school students into a structured research environment.

Beginning in the Spring of 1999 a group of students undertook an original research project conceived by advisors within the space physics community. The students have pursued that project as a team, each participant assuming responsibilities in keeping with their own individual talents and interests. The students range from Freshmen through Seniors at the Charter School and have varying degrees of experience in mathematics and computer programming.

There is the hope and expectation that this effort will result in an original scientific publication to be written in the Fall of 2000.

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Spring 1999 -- Present
  Here is an overview of our first project: The remote sensing of Saturn's bow shock

To send email to the faculty advisors:
Mr. Alvyn Nacman Dr. Charles W. Smith

This work is supported, in part, by a NASA grant to the Delaware Space Grant College Consortium and by JPL contract 959167 for NASA support of the Voyager Magnetic Field Experiment.