of Saturn's

Bow Shock

The work undertaken here is performed in collaboration with Professor Iver Cairns of the University of Sydney.

Our first project involves the planet Saturn, its interaction with the solar wind, and measurements performed by the Voyager spacecraft.

Saturn is a magnetized planet and interacts with the solar wind by forming a magnetic boundary around which the electrically charged gas known as the solar wind must flow. The boundary between the solar wind and the magnetic environment of the planet (known as the magnetosphere) is a shock called the planetary bow shock. This project seeks a better understand of how that boundary moves in response to changing solar wind conditions.

The links which follow present an organized discussion of the physics and observations which form this project. The presentation is evolving as the work develops and represents the progress we have achieved so far.

  Get up to date with what's happening in the notes section.
  If you are new to this area, be sure to visit the introduction section.
  The background section introduces you to the Voyager spacecraft.
  Here we begin a discussion of the analysis, the mathematics, and how the work is performed.
  The solution to the problem we are trying to solve.
  All the data we had to fiddle around with.
  Links to other interesting astronomical sites.
  A list of the people involved in this project.

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