Zip Data Compression Utility

All data files were compressed using the zip format. A freeware decompression application program, Unzip is available from the Info-ZIP workgroup which maintains this utility for a range of hardware platforms. Zip and Unzip are compatible with the DOS-based PKZIP by PKWARE, Inc.

For Macintosh Netscape users, place your Unzip application program in your Netscape Helpers folder if you download it from the Info-ZIP workgroup site. When you click on the first zip file, Netscape will inform you that it is does not know this format and will allow you to pick an application to interpret it. Choose Unzip from the Netscape Helpers folder. Afterwards make sure to set Unzip in Helpers of the General Preferences (Options pull-down) to have Mime type: application, Subtype: zip, Extensions: zip, File type: .zip, and optionally Action: Launch Application.

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