IRM Data Files

Files of ASCII data listings containing omni-directional energetic particle data from the SULEICA instrument are available for retrieval as are the spin averaged plasma and magnetic field data. The on-line selection covers the full data set from launch (Aug 16, 1984) through August 13, 1986.


Data File Description

The complete list of telemetered data is given in this table. The fact that data was telemetered does not mean that all instruments were turned on. If a pass exists in the table, and the table indicates that the pass has been processed, but there is no corresponding data file, this most likely means that that SULEICA was not turned on. If you have reason to believe that data should exist for a time period, but there is no file, please contact

For each pass, one zipped file is created. (For information on software available to unzip files, please click here.)

The file names contain the following information:

Instrument S = SULEICA
P = Plasma and Magnetic Field
yr Single digit year in the 1980s
mo 2-digit month
da 2-digit day
hr 2-digit hour in which the data started.

For example, the file
contains data for September 26, 1984, starting somewhere in hour 12.

Occasionally, two files may start in the same hour. There would then be two files with the same name. To keep this from being a major problem in file organization, files beginning in the same hour are all zipped into the same file (the zip file will contain twice as many documents). After being unzipped, the file sets may be distinguished by version numbers (.1, .2, etc.)

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