Here we are back at UNH. You all ready know that up on the satellite there will be three different ways to measure the electrical currents. Now I thought you might want to meet the people who developed the methods for measuring. ! First lets meet Michael Faraday .

Michael had a tough life to start off. He was the only son of a black smith who died while he was still a child. As a result Michael grew up in poverty and received only the basics in education. When he was still young he was apprenticed out to a book binder. He had only been taught the rudiments in reading, writing and calculation but he taught himself by reading thee books that passed through the bindery. He first learned about electricity from a article in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Faraday dedicated his life to science and the study of electricity and magnetism. His discoveries were the foundation for the principles we hold today . Faraday also did experiments dealing with light and the effects magnetic fields had on it. It's these principles of his that are used in the satellite.

Ok, the next guy started his work on electricity in the very year that Faraday stopped his experiments.His name was James Clerk Maxwell.

To visit Maxwell.

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