Here we are, June13, 1831. This is the day that James Clerk Maxwell was born.

Jimmy was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the only child of the wealthy John Clerk Maxwell and Frances Cay Maxwell. Most of his childhood was spent at Glenlair in Galloway. His mother died when he was still very young and so his father hired a tutor for him. The tutor was strict and some say a touch abusive and Jimmy did not learn well under him. The first formal education that Jimmy had was at the Edinburgh Academy. He then attended the Edinburgh University for three years before moving to and attending Cambridge University. His genius soon made him well known in the scientific communities. He gained much respect and it wasn't long before his opinion in scientific circles became very valued. James Clerk Maxwell is, in our time, remembered for many things. Formost, however, is his work in electricity and magnetism. Maxwell, through experimentation, discovered the laws of electrodynamics. His discovery was "One of the most splendid monuments ever raised by the genius of single individual." With out Maxwell's discoveries Einstein would never have been able to formulate relitivity.

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