INCO 796: Cosmology and Our View of the World

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Summaries of Spring Semester 2003
in Chronological Order:

  1. Introduction into Physical Cosmology
    lead by Eberhard Möbius (2/4/2003)
    Summary #1a. By Laura Baker
    Summary #1b. By Conor Horrigan
    Summary #1c. By Victoria Taibe

  2. Life as We Know It and Its Evolution
    lead by Thomas Davis(2/11/2003)
    Summary #2a. By Connor Ahearn
    Summary #2b. By Gita George

  3. Reductionionism, Emergence and Holism
    lead by Val Dusek (2/18/2003)
    Summary #3a. By Jen Reynolds
    Summary #3b. By Alicia Sprague

  4. Evolution as a Property of the Universe
    lead by Bill Hurd, Liz Poulsen & Dan Widrew (2/25/2003)
    Summary #4a. By Rebecca McMahon
    Summary #4b. By Jason Walls

  5. The Gaia Hypothesis; System Theory & Religious Aspects
    lead by Gita George, Shayle Reed & Dan Vorosmarti (3/4/2003)
    Summary #5a. By Mike Battles
    Summary #5b. By Kevin Rehberg

  6. Anthropic Principle & Multiverses
    lead by Mike Battles, Ed Pinsley & David Schrier (3/11/2003)
    Summary #6. By Dan Vorosmarty

  7. Reality: Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?
    lead by Jen Reynolds & Jason Walls (3/25/2003)
    Summary #7. By Christin Chenard

  8. The Nature of Time
    lead by Sean Every, Conor Horrigan & Dan Widrew (4/1/2003)
    Summary #8. By Joshua Jones

  9. Consciousness, the Hard Problem: In Search of the Self
    lead by Aaron Hope, Rebecca McMahon & Trevor Frederickson (4/8/2003)
    Summary #9. By James Ledoux

  10. In Search for Life/Intelligence Beyond Earth
    Christin Chenard, Josh Jones & Liz Poulsen (4/15/2003)
    Summary #10. By Dan Widrew

  11. Limits to the Knowable
    lead by James Ledoux & Kevin Rehberg (4/22/2003)
    Summary #11a. By David Schrier
    Summary #11b. By Sean Every

  12. Problems in Debates between Science and Religion
    lead by Connor Ahearn, Justin Quinn & Vicki Taibe (4/29/2003)
    Summary #12a. By Elizabeth Poulsen
    Summary #12b. By Peter Duran

  13. Intersection between Science and Mysticism
    lead by Laura Baker, Peter Duran & Alicia Sprague (5/6/2003)
    Summary #13a. By Aaron Hope