INCO 796: Cosmology and Our View of the World

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1995 Summaries

  1. First Session with an outline of the focus and the topics of the course
    Moderated by Paul Brockelman and Eberhard Möbius.
    Summary #1. Eberhard Möbius (9/10/1995)
  2. Introduction into Physical Cosmology (Part 1)
    by Eberhard Möbius.
    Summary #2. Dan Hussey (9/26/1995)
  3. Introduction into Physical Cosmology (Part 2)
    by Eberhard Möbius.
    Summary #3. Mark Osgood (9/29/1995)
  4. Session #4 was a continuation of Eberhard Möbius' Introduction to Physical Cosmology. (No summary)
  5. Session #5 started with questions on the size of the universe.
    It was mainly devoted to the spiritual significance of modern cosmology (Part 1) with Paul Brockelman.
    Summary #5. David Heirtzler (10/13/1995)
  6. Spiritual significance of modern cosmology (Part 2)
    by Paul Brockelman.
    Summary #6. Heath Dube (10/20/1995)
  7. Discussion of the Anthropic Principle
    by Heath Dube.
    Summary # 7. David Bell (10/27/1995)
  8. Is there universal significance of the basic laws in physics or not?
    Chaired by Mark Osgood.
    Summary #8. Sean Sullivan (11/2/1995)
  9. Validity and significance of "Theories of Everything"
    by Dan Hussey.
    Summary #9. Jan Distelbrink (11/3/1995)
  10. What is reality?
    Chaired by David Heirtzler.
    Summary #10. Scott Brennison (11/10/1995)
  11. Session on consciousness, possible models to explain consciousness and their limitations. No summary available.
  12. The self-aware universe and implications of a quantum mechanical view of the entire universe
    C haired by Scott Brennison.
    Summry #12. Don Brautigam (12/1/1995)
  13. The intersection of science and mysticism
    Chaired by Don Brautigam.
    Summary #13. Eberhard Möbius(12/8/1995)
  14. Problems in the discussion between science and religion
    Chaired by David Bell.
    Summary #14. Paul Brockelman(12/15/1995)