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Who's Who on the ACE/SEPICA Team at UNH

Scientific Investigators:

Antoinette Galvin UNH
Lynn Kistler UNH email:
Eric Lund UNH email:
Eberhard Möbius (lead) UNH email:
Mark Popecki UNH email:
Dieter Hovestadt MPE
Berndt Klecker MPE


Ken Crocker UNH email:
Mark Granoff UNH email:
Steve Turco UNH email:
John Gaidos UNH Contractor
Bob Hayes UNH Contractor
Herbert Kaestle UNH U. of Bern, Switzerland
Rick Miller UNH Sanders?
Jon Googins UNH
Paul Vachon UNH
Eugene Sartori UNH Retired
Mike Vosbury UNH
Jan Distelbrink UNH Contractor
Erich Kunneth MPE
Gerry Murphy CIT
Steve Battel Battel Engineering
Jim Cravens Washington U. St. Louis
Elmar Pfeffermann MPE
Wolfgang Wiewesiek TUB
Kay-Uwe Reiche TUB
Kai Stoeckner TUB

UNH Machinists:

Phil Demain
Arthur Anderson
John Levasseur

UNH Students and Support Staff:

Mark Shappirio Graduated 1997
Sara Taylor Graduated 1997
Ivan Dors Graduated 1997
Heath Dube Graduated 1998
George Humphrey Graduated
Jameson Parker Graduated 1998
Jonathan Villeneuve Graduated 1999
David Heirtzler Graduated (MS) email:
Todd Felege Graduated (BS)
Tom Shaw Peace Corps mission email:
Jan Heirtzler Web Designer email: